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Gala Evening 25 Years of AmCham has brought together more that 300 members, with ETRANET Group being among the most senior members with 15+ years

The American Chamber of Commerce in Croatia is celebrating 25 years of operations, connecting business leaders, advocating for competitive business environment and contributing to development of Croatian economy and society.

At the gala celebration, held on beginning of October at Vatroslav Lisinski concert hall with a performance by the Zagreb Philharmonic Orchestra, representatives of some 300+ members have come together.

Today, AmCham is strongly integrated into the Croatian business community. Most of AmCham’s work today relates to the work of committees on proposals for improving the business climate and cooperation with ministries, parliamentary committees and the office of the President. AmCham is no longer just a place for socializing, but also a strong and unifying voice of business for those changes that will make Croatia more competitive and innovative.

AmCham is also a place of diversity. Diversity of cultures, industries and business interests. But also a place of tolerance, transparency and consensus through which our 326 members make decisions and recommendations for the Croatian business environment. Building relationships is at the core of our organization and the fact that our members, partners and stakeholders celebrated this beautiful anniversary with us makes us proud.

The previous years brought many uncertainties and challenges for both society and the Croatian business community. Even in these difficult circumstances, AmCham’s membership grew because companies recognized the value that AmCham brings as an agile and proactive representative of the private sector that offers realistic solutions in dialogue with institutions.

With our dear friends from Aduro idea – ETRANET Group has been a member of AmCham for over 15 years