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As part of the Integrator EU funding call, ETRANET Group has together with partners Aduro Ideja and Info Impero developed an innovative business model and solution tailored to the needs of HVAC companies industry

The project modeling was carried out in accordance with the guidelines of the leading company in the industry, Daikin, thereby emphasizing the strategic importance of the project in the optimization of the supply chain and value creation for companies operating in the field of HVAC and facing the challenges of cyber security.

The project modeling was carried out in accordance with the guidelines of the leading company in the industry, Daikin

Throughout the entire development process, the Track&Cool solution was strategically conceived to meet a wide range of needs, including retail segments, services and transport and appointment reservations. Thus, ETRANET Group, aiming to achieve a strong position on the European and world market, decided to brand the solution as ETRAVERSE.

ETRAVERSE is a modular one-stop solution that provides clients with digital transformation, thereby helping to increase income, reduce costs and improve business organization. It is a modern platform that includes a complete ecosystem of POS/POI applications where clients (from the smallest merchants and service providers, up to international corporations) can find solutions for needs of their POS business, virtual business and interaction with the end to clients (POI). By using this innovative platform, clients can digitize their processes, enabling modular use and growth together with the platform (add-as–you-go approach). It enables deep analytics and real-time reporting performance analysis for each business segment to clients.

It should be noted that every application from the ETRAVERSE app ecosystem can be marketed on the market separately, if clients require it. Each application during of commercialization gets a trade name, which enables placement on certain
markets in the form of so-called off-the-shelf products.

By marketing ETRAVERSE, ETRANET Group plans to achieve revenue growth of at least 40% in the next two years. During the project, the initial plan was realized innovation of the organization and increase in the number of employees (minimum 14 people).

Furthermore, ETRANET Group intends to further expand the range of applications through the already developed platform, adapting ETRAVERSE to market requirements and client needs.