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“The only FinTech conference you should attend” begins tomorrow at Zagreb Fair – here are the highlights from ETRANET Group at our stand in the Money Motion 2024 Expo Area

MoMo2024 takes place March 21-23 at Zagreb Fair with 2 stages and numbering some 2600 attendees with 1500 sqm of expo area.

With topics ranging from personal finance and banking to digital identity and social good, MoMo 2024 will investigate the core challenges the financial market has come across, discuss the current state of payment and investment diversification, examine current and forecast future customer expectations, identify promising cutting-edge solutions, and build an authentic community.

ETRANET Group is happy to annouce that we will be participating as an exhibitor for the first time – here are just some of the highlights from our stand in the Mony Motion Expo Area.

Pictured: ETRANET Travely Smart HUB running our own Travely web solution
with card payments using the integrated UN20 unattended terminal

The star of the show will be our EtraPay payment solution based on Smart POS technology. Offering flexible, secure Android card payments with modular apps, wide compatibility, and certifications for diverse business needs, EtraPay runs on trusted flagship devices. Additionally, EtraPay supports add-on value apps from our own vertically integrated app ecosystem.

EtraPay payment solution works closely with our new Spark solution for EV charging station, enabling drivers to simply pay for charging using their existing debit and credit cards – without the hassle of instaling and setting up separate additional apps for each charging network.

Naturally, we will be presenting out best-selling NEXGO devices – namely the NEXGO N86 Android Smart POS terminal, and two new NEXGO device models N96 and N82. Right next to them will be our various unattended solutions based on the NEXGO UN20 terminal, itself also a high-performance Android Smart POS device suitable for use in various situations.

Be sure to visit us at our stand at Money Motion 2024 at the Zagreb Fair March 21-23 where we will be happy to walk you through the latest technologies in the domain of payment solutions.