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For their showroom in Karlovac, Karić automobili have chosen one of the largest sizes of DigiTag labels, with 10.2″ screen able to fit all the most important technical specification of each car model

​With over 70 years in business, Karić automobili has seen many milestones in the car business, and has been quick to adapt to novelties and trends in order to provide a better services to its loyal customers.

With their multibrand strategy – Ford, Alfa Romeo, Fiat, Jeep, MG, Maxus, Aiways, XEV and Cenntro vehicle brands in their portfolio – Karić have a lot of challenges when it comes to displaying information in the showroom. With a very much different set of sales, marketing and legal and compliance data to be displayed for internal combustion engine and electric vehicles, for passenger cars and commercial vans with electric scooters and motorcycles.

Thus Karić has opted for one of the largest display size of electronic shelf labels, the 10.2″ DigiTag digital labels which can be placed in, on or beside the cars on display. Understandably, the size of the digital label was chosen according to the needs of the client in order to be able to display all the necessary information about the car model on display, including the specification of the vehicle itself and its price. The entire showroom floor is covered by one base station that ensures the flawless operation of the digital tags themselves.

Considering the relatively small number of digital tags, Karić automobili decided to implement the ETRANET DigiTag system in the cloud, which took only 3 hours for the entire implementation.

ETRANET DigiTag system enabled the client Karić automobili to eliminate the paper flyers they used to display the necessary information. This eases the work of the sales staff, who can update the necessary information much more simply and elegantly, while on the other hand enabling a more attractive presentation of the vehicle to the customers.

Naturally, ETRANET DigiTag solution can be integrated with ERP systems, so any changes in prices in the ERP are quickly reflected on the store shelves. Thus, the staff in the store has more time to devote to the customers, which greatly improves customer satisfaction – employees have more time to communicate with customers and understand their real needs, resulting in enthusiastic shoppers who are likely to buy more.

In addition to this, within ETRANET DigiTag, DigiTag clients have at their disposal numerous templates for showing information on each label, ensuring that all legal and regulatory mandated information is present and correct, as well as easily deploying special templates for special sales, promotion, clearances and other.