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The focus of your future development team are card payment systems and services via EFTPOS terminals and mobile devices (NFC).

We are a company specialized in consulting, sales and maintenance of electronic transaction systems for cashless payments, based on smart card technology, sales of communication equipment and solutions, integration and security of IT systems.

Here are your tasks and responsibilities:

  • management of all activities related to the product
  • preparation of annual product development plans and their alignment with user requirements and market needs
  • budget planning and monitoring of costs associated with the product
  • proposing the improvement of the technical characteristics of existing products
  • coordination of the work of the teams working on the implementation and development of the product
  • monitoring the progress of product development and reporting to management
  • monitoring and analysis of product modifications
  • product life cycle monitoring
  • participation in product presentations and creation of marketing materials
  • participation in writing offers and other offer documentation (in the part of the offer that refers to the product)
  • providing support to other company departments and contacts at partners and key users in working with applications (analysis of tasks received, solving tasks, forwarding tasks to a certain group of employees responsible for solving tasks, communication with the applicant of the task in case of need for additional information)
  • monitoring the status of received tasks
  • working with the incident monitoring and reporting system
  • proposing measures to improve the user experience with the software solution
  • active participation in the analysis of client requirements in order to improve existing products
  • performing and supervising the testing of software solutions
  • cooperation with other team members in all phases of project implementation with a focus on user documentation
  • creation and modification of documentation according to adopted standards with a focus on user documentation, test plans and scenarios
  • adoption and application of new testing methods

It is desirable that you can actively master these skills from day one :

  • EMV
  • L3 Certification process

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