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We are happy to announce our own Android payment app for the class leading NEXGO N86 Smart POS device has been successfully certified for VISA and Mastercard with Bankart

Following the expansion of our services to Montenegro this summer with our Billy brand of fiscal cash registers, and certifying our own payment app for Visa/Mastercard payments in Montenegro, we have taken a step further: we are now fully certified for Visa and Mastercard with Bankart, leading Slovenian and regional company in the field of processing of modern payment instruments.

Our offer is specifically tailored to banks’ needs – a dedicated device with option of vertical app integration open to third-party developers. We enable clients to start with a means of accepting payments – and over time open new revenue streams with our solutions for fiscal cash registers, advanced hybrid loyalty programs, ticketing and online booking, top-up and electronic goods, tax free processing, meal vouchers etc.

Learn more about our extensively capable and robust NEXGO N86 Smart POS device and get in touch with us to discuss how our established fiscalization and payments solutions can benefit your business.

Bankart provides services in six countries