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In cooperation with our valued long-term client Sepay by Buckaroo, we have successfully launched this GPa Client Application aimed at streamlining payment processes and enhancing user experience

Tailored to meet the specific needs of our client and their customers, this groundbreaking solution represents a significant advancement in digital payment technology, offering users a seamless and secure experience managing transactions on the go. 

Previously, we developed a similar application for Sepay by Buckaroo on Linux-based payment terminals, and the successful launch of the GPa Client Application on NEXGO Android-based terminals further solidifies our partnership and joint commitment to innovation. 

The GPa Client Application simplifies payment processes with its intuitive interface and powerful features, leveraging the NEXGO Android platform. Users can access a wide range of functions directly from their payment terminals.

Key Highlights of the GPa Client Application:

  • Smooth Integration: Works seamlessly with the Android platform on NEXGO terminals for reliable performance.
  • User-Friendly Design: The intuitive interface ensures easy navigation and use.
  • Comprehensive Features: Enables transaction management, account monitoring, and secure payment authentication.
  • Effortless Experience: Business application solutions tailored for a seamless customer experience and smooth integration into existing payment systems.

By utilizing the Android platform, the GPa application offers new benefits for Sepay by Buckaroo’s clients, including easier integration with vertical market applications and long-term support due to Android’s widespread adoption. Customers can now manage their business applications and payment services on one device. With the pilot phase successfully completed, Sepay by Buckaroo currently has over 1,000 Nexgo Android devices in production.

The launch of the GPa Client Application represents a significant milestone in ETRANET GROUP’s mission to drive innovation in digital payments. By harnessing the Android platform, businesses and consumers can confidently adopt future-ready payment solutions with ease.