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Due to great interest and excellent feedback from members that took part in previous delegations, American Chamber of Commerce in Croatia organized another business delegation to the U.S.

The 5th business delegation, focused on digital transformation and introduction of latest tehnologies such as artificial intelligence (AI) that will have huge impact on businesses.

The goal was to get to know digital champions and learn from their experiences, both among traditional companies as well as young disruptive ones, gaining valuable insight into how these leading world companies are successfully implementing digital transformation and incorporationg AI in their business.

Previously, AmCham’s business delegations to the USA have visited companies such as NASA, Microsoft, Google, Amazon, Uber, IBM, Cisco, Oracle, Salesforce, NYSE, Nasdaq, Iron Mountain, Bank of America.

This year’s delegation had the privilege to visit the following companies:

  • Kearney PERLab (Product Excellence Renewal Lab)
  • McDonald’s
  •  World Business Chicago
  • AON
  •  Toyota Industries (Best Buy)
  •  US Chamber of Commerce
  • World Bank
  • Control Risks
  • Jacobs
  • Kearney